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Axial precision metal processing coarse fine benchmark choice

by:Xavier      2020-05-06
Axial precision metal processing coarse fine benchmark choose automation equipment in the shaft parts, widely used, each kind of parts processing, for precision has its evaluation standard. So the geometry precision of shaft parts, refers to which a few respects? Mainly refers to the male cone, and the roundness and cylindricity tolerance, such as journal, for normal axial precision metal processing parts, all want to keep the tolerance in the range of allowable size tolerance, higher requirements for those on the geometric accuracy of internal and external round surface, must make it clear in the drawings show that the range of allowable error. For axial precision hardware the location precision of machined part, specific requirements mainly depends on the position of the shaft in the machinery and function of its implementation, in general, the precision of the shaft parts must meet the assembly of the transmission shaft neck to support the shaft alignment of shaft neck need to, if not satisfy this need can lead to transmission gears running-in between error and the influence of mechanical transmission effect. Axial precision metal processing surface roughness requirement: normally used in the transmission parts scope of the journal of surface roughness in Ra2. 5 - 0. 63 microns, and used for and the bearing diameter of axle bearing fits the surface roughness in the range of Ra0. 63 - 0. 16 microns. For axial precision parts processing, process planning formulation is reasonable will directly affect the whole workpiece quality and production efficiency, in the process of making precision machining process, must fully understand the structure of the parts is set, the precision requirement, production materials, related technical standards, as well as a careful study of precision metal processing parts assembly drawing and parts acceptance criteria, etc. When confronted with the processing surface, we should choose those not working surface as crude benchmark, when all of the surface of the parts need to be processed casting axis, should according to the machining allowance is to find the smallest surface treatment, in the process of to find is to try to choose the surface smooth processing parts, to avoid parts gate junction, choose the more stable surface as crude benchmark, and these benchmarks can only a single use. Fine benchmark choice: when we select the essence of benchmark must be in accordance with the principle of benchmark superposition, even at the same time try to choose the design datum or assembly datum as its positioning base, based on the principle of unified benchmark, we will try to in all processes use the same positioning datum, and try to ensure that the locating datum to overlap and measure the datum, choose those with higher accuracy and more stable and reliable installation surface as a benchmark. The above information is derived from the precision metal processing factory in shenzhen Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products_content- 1161601. html
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