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Axial mechanical parts processing precision analysis of the damage and repair

by:Xavier      2020-05-30
Axial mechanical parts processing precision analysis of the damage and repair the axial mechanical parts is one of the important parts in the machine, is mainly used to support the rotating parts, and intentional shaft, the shaft and rotor shaft parts. Precision axial mechanical parts application range is very wide, useful in the auto industry on the chassis drive shaft, left and right half shaft, applied to the generator, and so on, the scope of application of generalized precision shaft parts, if the artifacts in the operation of the damage that can cause very serious impact, so we want to analyze shaft parts, precision machinery parts processing in the process of analysis the cause of damage and repair. Axial parts wear generally there are three kinds of forms, one is journal of wear, the other is shaft fracture, 3 it is individual you damaged shaft. Journal wear is the main reason of the shaft neck and the mating parts fit sexual deviation due to long-term work to change the design requirements. 2 it is lubricated by nature changed or improper lubrication by choice; Three is a journal bearing overload and accelerated wear and tear. Precision shaft neck is shaft assembly benchmark, they have higher precision and surface quality of the general requirements, so the axial precision machinery parts processing technical requirements in general is mainly formulated according to the function of the shaft and the working conditions. Axial parts damage will affect the normal operation of the machine, and may even cause more serious loss, so we want to precision shaft parts for timely repair or replacement. Shenzhen Xavier15 years focused on tooling fixtures, non-standard precision machinery parts processing and for long-term cooperation customers after-sales parts to repair free of charge. Precision shaft parts repair, can be careful to solve non-standard machinery parts processing, also should pay attention to according to different damage forms at the same time, adopt scientific and reasonable repair process, such as axial parts replacement, or to optimize the process of its production and processing, the after assembly of the shaft parts use the fixture fixed. Both from the precision machinery parts processing and other processing areas, from the analysis summary of shaft parts, save time, reduce equipment DaiGong time, improve enterprise efficiency can bring better economic benefits and social benefits at http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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