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Attention should be paid to the safety of mechanical processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-12

machining is a very rigorous work, need operation personnel of high quality, so mechanical process should pay attention to which security matters? To introduce the following by:

first, positioning precision, preventing misoperation produced by vibration.

second, try not to walking back and forth, avoid unnecessary step stool, bent over.

the third, the movement direction of the machine tool equipment operating parts and spare parts of the operation of the direction to conform to the rules, and to have a simple symbols are marked.

4, hand wheel, handle, structure and arrangement of button position to conform to the regulations, installed on the shaft of the handwheel handle is along with the axis of rotation when automatic feed anyone, so be sure to install automatic out devices. And start button should be installed in the chassis, or Ann fortification accidentally touches with ring.

the fifth, to install the necessary interlock mechanism, prevent the mismatch between the people not harmonious or operation caused by the accident.

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