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At six precision hardware parts processing process performance, which you have to know!

by:Xavier      2020-07-07

in precision parts processing, metal processing accounts for a large part of. The to share the hardware by our process performance is what, I hope to be of help!

casting performance: refers to whether metal or alloy is suitable for casting of some process performance, mainly including flow performance, full of mold ability; Contractility, casting volume shrinkage during solidification of ability; Segregation refers to the chemical composition of non-uniformity.

welding performance: refers to the metal materials by heat or heat and pressure welding method, the two or more than two metal material welding together, characteristics of the interface can meet the purpose.

top aeration performance: refers to the metal material to the performance of the bearing upsetting and is granted broke.

cold bending performance: refers to the metal material to withstand bending at room temperature without rupture performance. Bending degree of bending Angle is commonly used in alpha ( Exterior Angle) Or bend the ratio of diameter d on the material thickness of a heart, said a big or d/a small probability, the cold bending property of the material is better.

stamping performance: metal stamping deformation under processing and not burst. At room temperature for stamping called cold stamping. Inspection method is to use a test cup drawing test.

forging performance: metal materials in forging processing can withstand ability of the plastic deformation without fracture.

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