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Analyses the five principles of precision hardware stamping processing

by:Xavier      2020-09-29
Stamping is a kind of high precision machining, and its processing efficiency is high, the hardware processing, have precision, fine, fine features, and is now an important technology of metal processing. In our life a lot of metal objects are using this processing method to Calais. Then the principle of machining method is what? 1, precision principle: the process of deep drawing parts number and material properties, drawing height, the number of deep drawing step, and deep drawing condition such as the diameter, material thickness, deep drawing technology subject to accounting talents. Number 2, fine principle: the bending process first depends on the degree of structure in the shape of a messy, need according to the number of the bending Angle, relative bearing and bending direction. 3, elegant principle: when the cross section quality and standard of precision of the stamping requirement is high, can consider to add finishing process after blanking process may choose fine blanking process directly. 4, the principle of precise: blanking shape a brief artifacts, choose mold to the end of the single process in cutting shape messy artifacts, because the strength of the structure of the mould or is restricted, the list should share out bonus several parts blanking, metal stamping processing process that need more. When necessary, can choose continuous mode. Higher requirements about the flatness of workpiece, can add after blanking process leveling process, each product features accurate to produce process. 5, quality principle: in order to guarantee the quality of fine metal stamping parts, advance the stability of the metal stamping process is sometimes need to increase the number of processes. Additional positioning technology Kong Chong system, such as bending parts forming technology of increasing deformation reduce Kong Chong cut to transfer area, etc. , ensure that each product to do fine, fine, exquisite products. Conclusion: to work out the fine mechanical parts to follow the principle of the five, to do precision, fine, accurate, high-quality goods the five principles.
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