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An overview of the mechanical manufacturing technology and precision machining technology

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
Machinery manufacturing technology and small jig technology overview of currently, with the constant improvement of China's scientific and technological level, machinery manufacturing industry gradually developed, small jig at the same time, people also began to ascend to the requirement of product, such as to achieve high precision, good quality, beautiful, reasonable price, such as requirements, therefore, previous machinery manufacturing technology has been unable to meet the demand of the modernization of people. And adapt to the modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology is the development and the rise of the main technology in recent years, the author in the article below to research these issues. Machinery manufacturing process at present our country mechanical manufacturing process is mainly divided into two aspects, the first aspect is testing jig machine with cutting technology to complete the processing of raw materials. The second aspect is to create a mechanical technology. Current relatively modern machinery manufacturing technology is the technology of electronic information and mechanical processing fuses in together, eventually forming process can be applied to testing, maintenance, etc. , thus efficient complete production, achieve the goal of market demand. Precision machining technology of precision machinery processing technology in science and technology and has become more widely used in industry, such as the adoption of aerospace is the precision machining technology. At the same time, the high productivity characteristics of precision machining technology, not only brought great economic benefits for the enterprise, also for the economic development of countries all over the world to guide the direction.
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