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Aluminum CNC machining center

by:Xavier      2020-09-29
As the building doors and Windows, curtain wall, vehicles, ships, the development of automation equipment, aluminum processing center gradually developed into an independent category of machining center. According to the characteristics of the aluminum material and processing technology, this kind of machining center general slot milling, drilling, tapping and ability; Such as milling plane/surface, counter boring, boring, and other functions used in the aluminum processing. Due to the uniqueness of the processing object, aluminum processing center from the structure layout, the technical parameters to the design of CNC system and general machining center are very different. Hongfa 6 meters processing center, the characteristics of aluminum machining center 1) Vertical stroke is adapt to the characteristics of the slender aluminum parts, aluminum CNC machining center countertops are long narrow shape. Width of less than 500 mm; A length of 6500 mm to 7000 mm, to adapt to the typical 6 meters of material processing. Work surface with pneumatic clamping and positioning plate, is advantageous for the workpiece positioning, fixed. Aluminum processing center structure layout has a pillar, gantry, move beam three, embodied in the machine tool rigidity, smooth operation, easy to operate on the performance indexes such as three kinds of layout has its advantages and disadvantages. Equipped with A shaft ( The X axis rotate) Machining center of a clamping on the surface of the aluminum three processing can be completed. Aluminum CNC machining 2) Highest spindle speed high general machining center spindle speed general under 8000 RPM; And highest aluminum machining center spindle speed can reach even exceed 18000 RPM. Due to their high speed, generally adopts integrated permanent magnet synchronous motor spindle, the spindle will be blowing tool clamping, clean, circulating water cooling, and other functions integrated into an organic whole. Machining center points pouring cooling cooling system and spray cooling in two forms. The latter belongs to the more advanced must dry cutting and trace lubrication system ( MQL) Concept, high efficiency of cooling and lubrication, cooling fluid consumption, especially for aluminum processing.
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