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Aluminum alloy precision machinery parts processing emulsified cutting fluid selection

by:Xavier      2020-05-04
Aluminum alloy precision machinery parts processing of emulsified cutting fluid selection cutting fluid is indispensable in the process of precision machining, compared with the steel material machining, aluminum alloy processing performance requirements of cutting fluid cooling and lubrication is higher. The concentration of the cutting fluid, pressure, flow process indexes such as the impact on the machining quality of workpiece is very important. Therefore in the precision machinery parts processing of aluminum alloy need according to the actual processing requirements, at the same time guarantee the quality of precision machinery parts processing to give attention to two or morethings arrives universality and compatibility of the cutting fluid, the economic benefits of enterprises. In the cutting process of mechanical parts processing, metal cutting with knives will produce large amounts of heat, the workpiece surface quality, dimensional accuracy and tool life, kinetic energy consumption and the production efficiency of workpiece has great influence. In mechanical processing artifacts produced in the process of cutting chip stay on the machined surface scratches has, blocked thread hole and so on. Therefore need to choose cutting fluid in the precision machinery parts processing, it can be in a timely manner to eliminate the heat generated by the cutting process, large flow of cutting fluid can play the role of scour, can wash jig and artifacts, washed away, cutting to ensure precision machinery parts processing artifacts can achieve a good quality. In the process of aluminium alloy cutting processing, emulsion concentration, pressure, flow rate of the three process indicators choice about the quality of the precision machining parts have great influence. Emulsion in the main processing cooling and lubrication and stampings, and so on. And most of the aluminum alloy steel and cast iron material advantage compared to aluminum alloy has a low yield strength. Correctly choose metal cutting fluid, not only can reduce the cutting temperature, reduce the cutter wear and prolong tool life, also can reduce the workpiece surface roughness, cutting power consumption reduced. The use effect of cutting fluid, not only depends on the performance of the cutting fluid, also influenced by workpiece material, processing method and tool materials due to the impact. In aluminum alloy precision machinery parts processing technology is different, the selection of cutting fluid also should pay attention to. In face milling, cutting speed, cutting tool cutting quantity is big, chip, more timely to wash away chip so as to avoid scratching has been processed surface, so to choose cutting fluid flush large flow. And when making hole processing, chip removal difficult, cutting tool, workpiece and cutting shoulder will produce large amounts of heat, the friction between the heat and not passed out in time, cause burn tool, serious damage to the workpiece surface roughness. In order to solve this problem in addition to the reasonable selection tool geometric angles, guarantee the points outside the chip, chip breaking and chip removal, select cutting fluid is the key, then should choose good cutting fluid cooling, lubrication, cleaning performance. The above information from Xavier company http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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