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Advantages and characteristics of numerical control machine tool processing _ precision machinery factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-30
Nc machine tools ( Properties: automation technology of machine tool) Machining is a kind of high precision, high efficiency, 效率) Machine tool automation technology, application of nc machine tool machining can improve economic efficiency, 好处) , make a lot of use value and to overcome the backward processing technical, the processing technology of the CNC lathe processing and production technology of numerical control lathe, numerical control machine tool processing features the advantages of what? 1, the output ( 生产力) High nc machine tool can be reasonably reduce the processing time and the auxiliary tool of parts of nc machine tool spindle bearing large speed ratio and cutting speed of the category, allow the machine to carry out large amount of drilling ultra strong drilling, CNC machine component is moved quickly move and precise positioning and high speed drilling process, reduce the semi-finished products processing process between capital turnover time, improved manufacturing ( 生产) High efficiency, 效率) 。 2, the machining precision of high precision CNC machine tools ( Precision) 0, generally do. 005-0. 1 mm, nc machine tools is by way of analog signal control ( 控制) Equipment, CNC machine tools for each difference signal, the output is machine move move a single pulse equivalent components ( As a general rule, be 0. 001mm) And the gap in the opposite direction of the machine tool feed drive gear and ball screw tooth is apart from the average error can be carried out by numerical control machine tool equipment compensation, therefore, nc machine tool precision level is relatively high. CNC machining CNC is also known as computer gongs, CNCCH or nc machine tools is actually a call Shanghai there, a lot of lower total overalls, like CNC machining processing complex parts need not multifarious overalls, CNC machining is a new processing technology, personnel allocation process is the key work process, will be the original manual live out into programming, to change the appearance of the parts and specifications, the process must be altered only parts processing program, apply innovative product research and development and modification. 3, have the aspect ratio (soft 灵活的) In ensuring that the steel surface precision ( Precision) The processing is the key to the application process, 过程) , it is different from general machine tools, do not need to manufacture, moved around a lot of special tools, jigs and fixtures, need not often adjust machine tool. CNC machining CNC machining is usually referred to the computer intelligent control mechanical parts processing, CNC machining CNC lathe, CNC lathe, CNC boring and milling machine processing, etc. Most deep processing of the feed line is all along the contour sequence of its parts, therefore, is clear about in the feed line work priority is clear in raw feed lines and air travel arrangements. Thus, a nc machine tool parts are often ( 频率) The place of changing. That is suitable for two pieces, small batch production and the development of innovative product design, reduce the production field management cycle time, saving the cost of a lot of technology. 4, stable processing quality, processing on the same parts, in the same machine, under the same processing standards, using the same cutting tool and machining processes, tool feed movement completely consistent, the consistency of parts well, quality stable, Expression: strong stability; There is no change) 。 5, is advantageous to the enterprise production management ( 生产管理) Intelligent nc machine tools ( Properties: automation technology of machine tool) Precision machining, prior to may processing time, the application of cutting tool, jig can carry out the standardization, intelligent management method. CNC machine tools used analog signals and specification coding ( 代码) To manipulate ( 控制) Information content, easy to keep the standardization of the processing information content, now with cad design and manufacturing ( CAD/CAM) Organic chemistry together, is the basic of contemporary integrated manufacturing technology. 6, improve laborer standard CNC machine tools ( Properties: automation technology of machine tool) Before processing after adjust well, type the program process ( 过程) And starting, the machine can automatic continuous develop processing, until it is processed. CNC lathe processing by automatic control system from the command made knives of various fitness, in large Numbers and the appearance of digital expression of steel and specifications and other technical standards and production process of processing. It specifically on the nc machine to carry out the processing technology of parts processing process. In order to enhance the level of manufacturing automation and reduces programming time and reduce the numerical control lathe processing cost, also in the aerospace industry development trend and application of a series of excellent mechanical processing technology. The operators is the key to program flow type, write, ( 编辑) , handling parts, cutting tools are prepared ahead of time, the processing conditions of observation, parts of the testing work, such as huge labor efficiency reduce, machine operators laborer to intellectual work. In addition, the machine tool is usually closed processing, i. e. , cleaning, and security.
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