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Active characteristic of lathe parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-06-30

active lathe in machining processing and the related technical features what? The following details for you by our next:

1, easy to ensure the processing precision of the workpiece. Actively lathe parts processing, inversion of workpiece revolves around a fixed axis, the reversal of the each appearance has the same axis, so the demand of easy to ensure alignment between machining surface.

2, smooth cutting process is compared. Besides intermittent appearance, usually lathe machining process was conducted in succession, unlike milling and planing, in a process and cutter tooth has repeatedly cut and cut out, impact.

3, is suitable for the finishing of non-ferrous metal parts. Some non-ferrous metal parts, because the data itself of low hardness, plasticity is good, with other machining methods are hard to come by shining appearance.

4, cutting tool briefly. Tool is one of the most short of cutting tool, production, and grinding device is very convenient, it is easy to on the basis of detailed processing demand, choose reasonable point of view.

5, simple tool. Tool is one of the most simple of cutting tools, manufacturing, grinding and installation is very convenient, it's easy to according to the specific processing requirements, choose reasonable point of view.

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