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About the precision and ultra-precision processing technology the second edition of the book

by:Xavier      2020-07-13
Recently, the company administrator from liu there a book on precision machining of a book, called 'precision and ultra-precision processing technology the second edition of' the book is by Harbin industrial university, professor, doctoral tutor Yuan Zhejun and tsinghua university institute of mechanical department of precision instruments and machinery, professor, doctoral supervisor xian-kui wang two by two professors are the figures of authority in the field of precision machining. Inside a lot about precision machining is introduced, and the knowledge of the ultra precision machining, and the importance of it. This is the second version, the original administrators have seen the first edition has been very wonderful, it is conceivable that the second edition must be more comprehensive than the original content and rich. I see also have benefited a lot from this book, to put the book in the near future, by means of serial sent to the company's web site for all to see inside, among this if you have any questions, can contact at any time by the company's contact person.
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