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About the development trend of medical equipment enterprises in China

by:Xavier      2020-07-13
Shortly before the administrator accidentally saw a report medical equipment accessories, the report predicts that: in the next few years the global medical equipment market will be growing at 4% to 6%, as a direct result of its medical precision parts and components market will increase greatly. Some experts think that in the next few years, China's medical equipment market will further expand and broad prospects, medical apparatus and instruments processing enterprises urgently need break through the small scale, low technical content, research and development investment insufficiency, the financing difficulties of dilemma. Another person said that, although our country medical instrument industry is developing rapidly, and broad prospects, but if our country medical equipment enterprise is unable to break through and appreciate some bottleneck problems on the development of the current, will miss the development opportunity. The domestic medical equipment processing enterprises now what are the bottlenecks? More than a number is China's medical equipment companies, small scale, weak competitiveness. Similar to the pharmaceutical industry in China, although the number of medical equipment enterprises in our country is more, but more than ninety percent, for a small business selling a few billions of enterprises, most enterprises only seek survival in the low-end market, or for foreign companies to provide precision components. Experts say that the medical device industry is a multidisciplinary cross, knowledge intensive, capital intensive technology industry, higher barriers to entry, Chinese enterprises must be from the talent, capital, technology and management to recognize their own strength, can have a place in the competition development. 2 it is domestic medical equipment technical content is not high, high-end market dominated by foreign companies. Statistics show that at present domestic medical equipment in the high-end market share of less than a third, compare the number of medical apparatus and instruments, before is inversely proportional to the right. Products on the service life and the quality of the products have a certain gap with foreign enterprises. From the development of the medical equipment market in China for so many years the basic composition, high-end products accounts for only a quarter, while low-end products accounted for three quarters. In contrast, the international medical device market, high-end products generally accounts for fifty-five percent of the share, mid-range products accounted for only forty-five percent of the share. This leads to a phenomenon, that is, the monk is much less rice. So many domestic medical equipment parts enterprises produced products to rob the product of the world's only forty-five percent of the share, the absolute is a reflection of such a phenomenon, and foreign enterprise is not much, high-end sex lies in the production of the product, so the foreign medical equipment accessories enterprise competitiveness is small, but they produced products accounts for fifty-five percent of the market and the world, it is conceivable that how big is the gap? Compared with foreign medical equipment enterprises, the domestic medical instrument enterprise weak obviously. CT equipment, for example, in 2010, GE, Siemens, philips, neusoft and Toshiba five companies occupy the domestic market share as high as 92%; MRI equipment, GE, Siemens, philips, three account for more than 50% domestic market share. Domestic this is almost a blank, as long as to consider this a basic also choose abroad, it is conceivable for domestic enterprises loss? Three is the shortage of funds, and enterprise financing difficulties, do big is harder. Medical apparatus and instruments in our country enterprise less tangible capital, assets quantity is little, caused a serious shortage of r&d, accounted for only three percent. Domestic enterprises mainly for the domestic financing resources, especially small and medium-sized private companies to apply for funding and loan was very hard, almost no financial support of science and technology. Vc aspects and problems, mainly industry lead to thunder can't design this one. Therefore, expert proposal, guided by Ministry of Science and Technology innovation fund to mobilize social capital to participate in a professional industry fund, to match the Ministry of Science and Technology of the independent project to support enterprise innovation and development. At the same time, it is suggested that set up specialized medical achievements transformation evaluation platform, with science and technology, financial services. In addition, the local government and science and technology park should support leading enterprises mergers and acquisitions, promote formation of industrial clusters. As a result, medical equipment industry spring will not far. Technology and equipment upgrading, will also bring to the market demand. Industry expert analysis, along with technical progress, China's medical equipment product structure will be adjusted, so there are large quantities of medical apparatus and instruments will be with out slowly, followed by a new medical instrument, the equipment of the production must need a lot of precision parts. And medical equipment function by simple diagnosis, treatment, laboratory model to diagnose, treat, inspection, analysis, rehabilitation, physical therapy, massage, health care, such as multi-functional extension, will constantly adjust the structure of the medical equipment products, the market continued to expand. Greatly increases the utilization rate than the original spare parts. In addition, in the next few years, our country in terms of the purchase of medical equipment, will give priority to purchase domestic medical equipment. 'Twelfth five-year' period in our country will use economic means to effectively guide the domestic medical equipment medical institutions. The current ministry of health to carry out the centralized purchasing project, the bidding equipment is given priority to with domestic, in the future in grassroots medical institutions equipment configuration standards and arrangement of equipment investment, will adhere to relatively low price on the basis of the domestic medical apparatus and instruments for measuring, everywhere to prior purchasing domestic medical equipment. So domestic medical device manufacturers and accessories producers must seize the opportunity, vigorously promotes the quality, at the very least, home business you want to do first, and such a policy will change from one problem of small and medium-sized enterprise funds, fully staffed. Domestic companies to produce medical equipment parts in this paper, address: / shownews. asp吗? id = 71
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