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About precision machining those things, batch processing techniques you should know

by:Xavier      2020-07-03

nc machine tools in the batch processing precision machinery parts, especially must pay attention to the precision machining, to ensure the accuracy in the batch process we should pay attention to what issues? Here by us from the following three aspects to introduce to you:

a, bulk parts machining accuracy is poor, is usually due to install, the axis between feed according to the dynamic error is not set, or due to the use of wear and tear, machine tools have changed the shaft transmission chain. Can pass to adjust and modify clearance offsets to solve.

when excessive dynamic tracking error alarm, can check: servo motor speed is too high. Position detection components are in good condition. Position feedback whether cable connector contact is good. The corresponding analog output latch, gain potentiometer are in good condition. The corresponding servo drive is normal.

2, the machine tool movement overshoot caused processing precision is not good, may be added, deceleration time is too short, time can be appropriately extended speed variation. May also be a servo motor and the connection between the screw loosening or poor rigidity, can reduce the position loop gain appropriately.

three, two axes linkage of roundness error

( 1) Circle the axial deformation of

this deformation could be the result of a mechanical not adjusted. Axis positioning accuracy is bad, or improper screw clearance compensation, leads to quadrant generated roundness error.

( 2) Inclined elliptic error

this should first check the shaft position deviation. If the deviation is too big, can adjust the position loop gain to exclude. Then check that the rotating transformer or inductosyn interface board is good, then check whether mechanical transmission pair clearance is too large, clearance compensation is appropriate.

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