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About parts processing grinding and polishing

by:Xavier      2020-07-13
At the time of precision machining, there is a link is more important, it is grinding and polishing. Grinding and polishing processing is the most long history, wide application and development in processing method. Ancient lapping and polishing is used for polishing stone, bronze, etc. , modem is used for processing various precision parts, such as silicon substrate, lens, mirror and prism, etc. Parts. Recently from processing metal processing is the development trend of object. Glass into X light output optical element (such as Mirrors, lens and spectroscope, etc. ) , the various functions of the electronic industry ceramic components material processing. In the field of modern microelectronics, information, optical, etc, in order to achieve functional ceramics and crystal materials should have the function, precision grinding and polishing is indispensable. Such as semiconductor silicon substrate of integrated circuits, ferrite magnetic stripe, gem infrared window, piezoelectric crystal oscillator substrate. The lithium niobate substrate during the surface acoustic wave and laser reflectors, optical glass prism and large astronomical telescope lens and so on all need to use precision grinding and polishing processing. Precision grinding and polishing processing involves material with metal materials, silicon, gallium arsenide semiconductor materials, such as sapphire, lithium niobate, such as optoelectronic materials, piezoelectric materials, magnetic materials, optical materials, etc.
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