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About machining parts deformation analysis of the problem

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
About machining parts deformation problem analysis in the process of metal machinery parts processing, parts deformation condition is very easy to appear, in the process of machining practice, mechanical parts shape change is inevitable, but we have to control the deformation range of mechanical parts. Machining of the internal force status are the important factors that affect the machining accuracy. In the machining process, affected by lathe chuck four melons, some parts will be affected by the clamping force, the centripetal force of the control function, can promote the reasonability of spare parts processing machinery. In the process of mechanical parts processing, it also affected by the radial force within, to ensure that the tightening of mechanical parts, machinery parts processing company must do a good job in the size of a mechanical cutting control to ensure that the overall mechanical clamping force increase, so as to meet the requirements of actual machining work. Jaw loose, after processing machinery parts and there are many differences between the shape of the original mechanical processing parts, the larger shape deviation, more commonly in oval shape. Conditions, in order to avoid the rough in the process of machining deformation of mechanical parts heat treatment work is necessary, so as to realize the effective control of mechanical deformation. In the car during the process of operation, the need to prepare for parts clamping. A, completes the related link of grinding, to do a good job of control on the surface of the finish turning benchmark. In the process of post processing, the need for boring machining inner hole deviation control work, so as to meet the requirements of actual work. Need to be effective in the grinding surface positioning processing control, machinery parts processing company in actual construction, some finish turning and boring machine is not accurate, this way of machine tool processing conducive to mechanical parts processing size and precision control, difficult to meet the expected requirement of working drawings. In order to solve this problem, must carry out the new processing method of application, completes the heat treatment of pure car mechanical processing 1, to 'meet the requirements of actual work. Hardware machinery spare parts processing after the heat treatment deformation condition also can appear a series of parts. Some frivolous of mechanical parts, its length is small, after a series of processing and heat treatment, place a period of time, may appear of the straw hat type bending condition change, this curve is called straw hat type bending. Through the experiment testing work, the spare parts of plane change too, have a long radius, some parts deformation is caused by its own internal stress condition, in order to solve practical work requirements, must to be control of power, to maintain its ChanHeng condition, enhance the overall stability of the parts.
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