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A wide range of stainless steel precision machining technology

by:Xavier      2020-05-16
A wide range of stainless steel materials precision machining stainless steel materials, new technology for precision machinery processing enterprises, is the love and hate. The material USES is very wide, many customers looking for processing, but due to its own characteristics, belong to the more difficult processing materials, in the whole cutting process, easy to produce plastic deformation, the processed surface hardening layer, the emergence of the hardening layer, tool wear will speed up the equipment, especially the border. Followed by the low thermal conductivity, stainless steel materials in precision machinery parts processing cutting heat by chip away, if the material of low thermal conductivity, chip away the heat will be less accordingly, as a result, the temperature rise of cutting point, causes the knives' service life is shorter. The third characteristic is stainless steel material and the knife blade could produce the devolop tumor surface produce attachments, thus decreased precision machining precision of workpiece surface. When the processing of the workpiece is curved surface structure and the wall is thin, the use of CNC machining processes are, hence increasing the difficulty of precision machining, a process or copy before cutting method of forming parts, deformation is serious, roughness can not meet the requirements, tool wear in the process of precision machinery parts processing, nc forming, the contour shape is not easy to control. Average cutting method is to use a lot of cutting fluid for cooling and lubrication, to achieve the goal of improve tool life and surface roughness. After investigating the traditional cutting method, studied the cold wind cooling and processing method of trace oil lubrication. To improve the accuracy of precision machining parts, prolong tool life purpose. Cold machining method is to cold wind to cool the cutting point at the same time, the supply of the cutter knife before and after surface trace vegetable oil, cutting temperature and lubrication to a lower precision parts. Cold cutting has a very obvious effect on reducing the devolop tumor, trace cutting fluid can penetrate the cutter blade and after processing precision parts between the surface and cutting tool rake face and chip, reduce the friction between the two, and thus reduce the devolop tumor. Cold wind experiment also found that trace after cutting fluid supply to the cutting tool knife surface effect is good. This shows that the micro cutting fluid plays an important role in reducing tool wear and prolong the service life of cutting tools, reducing the grinding time, reduce the processing cost. According as the decreasing of the devolop tumor, on the surface of the precision machining precision is improved. Surface roughness improves, precision machining parts are suitable for the surface condition, after polishing, fully meet the requirements of the test model of surface roughness. Thus, the use of a large number of cutting fluid for improving the accuracy of precision parts played a big role, but with the development of modern cutting technology and the limitation of environmental protection, it will be used to trace cold machining technology of the vegetable oil. The above information is derived from the Xaviercnc mechanical processing plants, more products please click the link to query http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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