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A common surface treatment of aluminum alloy die-casting products

by:Xavier      2020-11-05
Aluminum alloy die-casting products, surface treatment generally have: powder ( The powder coating) , the lacquer that bake, fuel injection, oxidation, sand blasting, electroplating, etc. According to the thickness of the product surface treatment, different degree of finish. A powder spraying equipment, powder coating is used ( Electrostatic spray molding machine) The powder coating to the surface of the workpiece, under the effect of static electricity, the powder will be adsorbed on the surface, homogeneous form a powder coating. After high temperature baking flow leveling curing powder coating, into different effect ( Effect of different kinds of powder coating) The final coating; Powder coating of the coating effect on the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, etc is superior to the spray paint process, costs are under with the effect of spray paint. Powder spraying, powder can be divided into outdoor and indoor powder. Lines can be transferred into various various effects, such as smooth, sand grain, foaming. Second, the real process of the lacquer that bake is with aluminum phosphide after spraying, spraying again after baking, such not only can anticorrosive coating and bright wear-resisting, not easy to fall off the surface pretreatment ( 1) 1 oil removal; 2 water; 3 derusting; 4 washed; 5 watch; 6 washed; 7 phosphating; 8 washed; 9 washed; 10 drying; ( 2) : the purpose of the pretreatment and the importance is the purpose of the pretreatment in order to get good coating, due to the above stamping parts during the manufacturing, processing and handling, preservation grease, the oxide scale, dirt, rust and corrosion on the surface, such as, if not remove will directly affect the coating performance, appearance, etc. , so the former processing occupies very important position in the coating process. ( 3) Pretreatment: the significance of treatment before painting and coating, drying coating process for three main process, including processing is the foundation before painting process, it on the coating appearance quality, the service life of the coating, coating, etc all have important influence after degreasing, derusting, phosphating process of workpiece surface clean, uniform and no oil, oil is called the surface coating of industrial products processing, injection processing general professional engaged in plastic injection, silk screen, pad printing processing; EVA, rubber shoes material change color, screen printing, etc. With spraying line, screen printing, pad printing machines and other equipment, and can according to customer requirements, production of high temperature resistant, friction resistance, uv resistance, resistance to alcohol, gasoline and other products. Processing scope: electronic products: ordinary spray paint, PU paint, rubber paint, Touch paint) 、( Such as U disk, MP3, camera, network surrounding products and other electronic products. ) , can spray is difficult to solve the problems in the injection molding processing, such as gas lines, welded seam with spraying rubber paint, Touch paint) Rework technology experience, feel is paint. Four, oxidation of aluminum alloy surface oxidation, suitable for conductive oxide, aluminum or aluminum extrusions, suitable for anodic oxidation. Aluminum oxide color generally have grey, sky blue, 1. Anodic oxidation was conducted in the flux under the condition of high voltage, it is a kind of electrochemical reaction process; Do not need electricity conductive oxide, and only need the potion soak, it is a pure chemical reaction. 2. Anodic oxidation need time is very long, often to a few minutes, and conductive oxide need short only a few seconds. 3. Anodic oxidation to generate the film a few microns to a few dozen microns, and is hard wear-resisting, and conductive generated oxide film only 0. 01 - 0. 15 microns. Wear resistance is not very good, but both can conductive and atmospheric corrosion resistance, which is the advantage of it. 4. Oxide film was is not conductive, but because the conductive oxide generated by the film is very thin, so is the conductive. 。 。 Five, the sand on the surface of aluminum alloy products spray a layer of fine sand, strengthen the contact surface friction coefficient, can enhance the connection reliability. Sand thickness, texture are also quite different. Six, electroplating electroplating is the way of using electrolytic made of metal or alloy deposition on the surface, to form a uniform, compact, good adhesive force of metal layer, the process of call electroplating. Simple to understand, is or a combination of physical and chemical changes. Resistance to wear and tear
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