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A CNC processing factory need to prepare what _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-04
Previously popular WeChat circle of friends of the earnings of 2 million, only two take-home pay. 140000 'surprising outfits, single for shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , a CNC processing factory if how much profit can survive? Shenzhen CNC processing plants, Xavier high precision at this stage in our country to run a company, the more high profit can be after tax, also never? Such as Xavier high precision is the company 2 million yuan in revenues, rent, salary, office, raw materials, machinery and equipment, the total cost of more than 1. 6 million yuan, the gross profit margin of more than 400000 yuan. But, if pay the various taxes and fees, only 2 results. More than 140000 yuan! You have the right is 2. More than 140000 yuan, Not the 21st. More than 40000 yuan) , whether to grief. Actual income, cost, tax detail below, kid sou have no deceit. Suppose you open house machine factory ( Xavier high precision) , a year out, under the operating conditions: industrial workshop is rent, covers an area of 2000 square meters, talking about before the rent, relevant taxes shall be borne by the rental households. Industrial workshop monthly 10000 yuan, Pre-tax) , rent of 120000. Clay is to buy back, spent more than 100000 yuan. Company has two cars, a capacity 5 tons trucks for distribution, a 2. 5 liters of cars for office. More than 40000 yuan every year gasoline prices. Hire staff spending ( Including salary, bonus, personal social security, income tax, etc. ) For more than 1. 1 million yuan. There are water, electricity, gas, communication expense, office has spent more than 150000 yuan. Equipment maintenance management and depreciation cost 90000 yuan. Goods sold more than 2 million yuan, 2019 ( Taxes) 。 I can earn lots of money in 2019? Whether made 200 - 12 - 10 - 4 - 110 - 15 - 9 = 40 ( Wan) Perhaps not, need to pay tax. What is below re-count should pay tax: processing, high precision machine tool castings are need large machining equipment, imports of longmen pentahedron, including big cuddling, Toshiba, mitsubishi, new machine in Japan, as well as the high-precision coordinate boring machine. High precision jig boring machine processing center has mitsui essence machine, the export machine mechanical, makino machine, gemany, Toshiba mazar-e-sharif grams, precision machine, etc. , these coordinates boring machine processing fee is very expensive, of course, also can use homemade gantry and boring machine processing, reoccupy guide slow precision, and the process equipment maintenance is a don't know spending, machining become more and more difficult now, small plant small workshops try very hard to of lower cost, the market make of cigar smoke, finally can't hold on to his own broken down, do the factory or to seek truth from facts in a enterprise in quality assurance at the same time, the two sides a win-win, long-term survival of domestic enterprises to health. Recently some small factory sick people, looking for companies offer, however, to our factory offer engineering intangible increase workload, giving our customers with a not here, as long as it is sincere cooperation, and we are open to welcome, cooperation and win-win attitude.
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