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A brief introduction of the development of mechanical processing technology

by:Xavier      2020-07-11
Before the industrial revolution, machinery is mostly made of woodworking manual wood, metal, Mainly iron and steel) Just to make instruments, clocks, lock, pump, and on the small wood mechanical parts. Metal processing mainly by the engineman carefully crafted in order to achieve the required accuracy. With the wide use of the steam engine and the resulting mining, metallurgical and other large machinery, ships and engine development, need forming and machining of metal parts is becoming more and more by the development of copper, iron, metal materials used to is given priority to with steel. Machining ( Including casting, forging, welding, heat treatment technology and its equipment and machining technology and machine tools, cutting tools, measuring tool, etc. ) Rapid development, so as to ensure the development of various kinds of machinery and equipment needed for production supplies. At the same time, along with the increase of the production batch and the development of precision machining technology, have contributed to the mass production methods ( Production parts interchangeability, specialized division of labor and collaboration, water processing line and assembly line, etc. ) The formation of.
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