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A breakthrough in ultra-precision machining core technology in China

by:Xavier      2020-07-02
Recently, the administrator in the site saw an reports of ultra precision machining, said that under the efforts of many experts in our country, has been in the field of ultra-precision machining technology has obtained the very big breakthrough. In the control of one over ten thousand of a millimeter tiny moving ultra-precision machining a breakthrough in core technology. Recently, it has independent intellectual property rights in China's 11th five-year plan project - - - - - - - Servo automotive crankshaft, camshaft grinding equipment support technology, has passed the national appraisal. To improve the overall level of the machinery manufacturing industry in our country is of great significance. This technology is one of the production workshop in zhejiang in the experiments, the technology of servo precision machinery processing and manufacturing of crankshaft grinding machine with the similar foreign advanced grinding machine processing is the crankshaft at the same time. Expert on-site extract respectively to the workpieces, comparing with internationally recognized authority on testing equipment testing. Results showed that the key indicator of machine mechanical parts - - - - - - The connecting rod journal roundness error is only 0. 0028 mm, the accuracy is superior to contrast the job not only 0. Error value of 0042 mm, more than similar foreign advanced grinder 0. The precision of the 003 mm standard requirements. This is the result of a very make people proud, let China precision machinery processing industry. With super precision machining, experts say, at present, only a few countries in the world core control related to the ultra precision machining technology. Through to buy back the foreign advanced equipment in our country, and then the start is imitation, and then beyond, it is one original breakthrough, and mastered the core technology, the ultra precision machining to push the development of our precision machining and improve the overall level of manufacturing has a great realistic significance. Produce the equipment, said an official with the company of the machine tool has the characteristics of high precision, long life, low cost, and cost less than half of the similar imported machines, price is very high, can be widely used in upgrading of traditional grinding machine. Reporters learned that the study in 2008 by the Ministry of Science and Technology included in the national high technology research and development, is made up of a group of zhejiang normal university professor team conquer success. The results of technology can be widely used in processing and manufacturing of various kinds of mechanical power and transmission system. Along with our country chang no. 3 in achieve a soft landing on the moon, we become the China become the world's third successfully landed on the moon, this marks the prelude to our country various aspects more now can walk to the front of the other countries. The site address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 89
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