Quality is everything. We focus on providing products and services that satisfied customers. We have stable program capability, complete quality system and highly trained staff. Every time new products is developed, we analyze samples by FMEA approach and review the orders. When mass producing, we collect informations of sample production to product process chart, quality control plan and inspection standards. Meanwhile we do the CPK, SPC control to the key dimension as per customer’s requirement.

We integrate staff’s quality-mind into every process in production process. We create strict quality inspection standards and perform it effectively in the process from purchasing materials, machining to final packaging shipment. We also make use of advanced quality control approach to control the process and prevent errors in advance.

OES is invested by us recently, used to inspect the relyability of metals, and it can tells our materials whether or not meet the requirement. It is well known that the aluminum of different grades difference much. How can you judge the grades of the aluminum? If you don’t have OES, you can not be sure of it. It will cause bad results if you don’t inspect the materials.

If customer requires 7075 aluminum, showing that the parts may need bear some weights. If the grade of material is lowed, the parts will not bear bigger weights, and it will cause terrible loss. Such events happen commonly, but it definitely will not happen at Xavier. Our OES was purchased directly from the Oxford instruments company.

The OES has advanced technology , being for wide application range, and it can quickly identify aluminum, steel, pure copper, brass, zinc, nickel, titanium,etc. And it allow us to ensure we really use the qualified material. We are pride of this capability which other manufacturer rarely have.

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