CNC Turned Process

Vertical Machining

CNC Turned Equipment List

– Turning Centers Capacity (Dia x L) Position accuracy Quantity
NC20 Three axis 20″×20″ ±0.005mm 10
SZ-20D Four axis 20″×280″ ±0.0025mm 5
B020C-III Four axis 20″×280″ ±0.0025mm 8
NC45 Four axis 45″×350″ ±0.0025mm 2
CKA6140 Three axis 400″×740″ ±0.005mm 2
CNC Turned
CNC Turned
CNC Turned
CNC Turned

Part post-processing

Xavier precision finishing treatment for the machine processed products provide processing services, including surface grinding, knurling, honing, painting, etc. After the treatment we know the importance of the product, and therefore committed to technicians trained to master all kinds of post-treatment processing technology.



CNC machining tolerances, metal parts usually as the DIN-2768-1 superior,plastic parts as DIN-2768-1 medium. thickness, material and geometry will seriously affect tolerance, so we will make recommendations on the tolerance of each product to help customers achieve higher than DIN-2768-1 standard. However, if the required tolerances are more stringent than the standards that we put forward, we will "make every effort" to meet customer requirements. We can not promise too stringent tolerances, because the model does not apply to extremely strict manufacturing tolerances.

Product quality testing

Through strict quality control to ensure that customers provide the industry's highest quality products. Inspection process to ensure that the on-time delivery around worldwide. For each project, we will do the following:

Technical support: contact the whole technical team has to provide you with a free production design (DFM) recommendation

Commitment: the plant manager conduct a thorough review for each order to ensure compliance with contract requirements

Accurate materials: the use of the material for confirmation before production

Flow control: full inspection process, including the first article inspection (FAI)

Flawless factory: product testing and quality reports

Xavier is committed to producing high-quality precision CNC machining products. we have adopted a series of advanced testing equipment, including a NIKON CMM instrument with Renishaw touch probes, and portable FARO Laser Scanner can be installed on one side of the test is about turning off the assembly line 3

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